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A travesty: County board censures DeBruin

She should get an award for exposing the at the Milwaukee County mental health complex, but Supervisor Lynne DeBruin instead was censured by the County Board today for blowing the whistle on the shameful situation and decisions that contributed to 11 sexual assaults and other violence to women there.

County Executive Scott Walker, who appointed the person describing the sexual violence as an acceptable tradeoff, has not fired or disciplined him.

The dishonor roll of supervisors who thought there was something so wrong with telling the taxpayers what was going on that they voted for the censure:  Paul Cesarz, Elizabeth M. Coggs, Marina Dimitrijevic, Nikiya Harris, Lee Holloway,

 Willie Johnson Jr., Theo Lipscomb, Michael Mayo Sr., Joseph Rice, Joe Sanfelippo, James "Luigi" Schmitt, Johnny Thomas and Peggy West .  I'm deeply disappointed that my progressive supervisor, Martina Dimitrijevic, was among them.

Those who stood with DeBruin, and who deserve a thank you: Mark Borkowski, Gerry Broderick, Patricia Jursik, Christopher Larson and John Weishan Jr.

DeBruin said it all:  "I'm going to be the only Milwaukee County employee punished in any way, shape or form for the people who were raped..."

"How in the world are we ever going to get anything done" if each supervisor can breach closed session for some political gain, West said.

How, indeed? How about conducting the people's business in public?



June 24, 2010 - 4:28pm