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This community is solely to be used for training and classes for Wis.Community - it's not really interesting unless you are taking a class. If you are taking a class on using the site, you should ask to join this community by clicking the link to the right.

Wauwatosa Parents Respond to Leah Vukmir

This video is a parental response to Leah Vukmir's column in the Journal Sentinel about public schools.

Video of An Open Letter to Sen. Leah Vukmir

Adios Breaking News

I am sad to say that NBC has decided to shut down Breaking News. I have come to rely on the Breaking News service to push important news updates to my cell phone, and have been overjoyed to have a service that actually gets the news first, gets it right (almost always) and actually has some normal sense of what "news" actually is. No breaking Kim Kardashian stories, no fake news, no partisan garbage of any type - just quick response to breaking news stories.

How To Pick And Place A Fresh And Fragrant Christmas Tree

Reprinted by permission from WisContext

With so many varieties and sizes of live Christmas trees, making a suitable selection that stays fresh throughout the holiday season can be daunting. But keeping several things in mind can help enliven the season.

    1. Before heading to the tree farm or lot, choose the location inside where the tree will be placed, and then measure the ceiling height and width of the display area. A spot away from doorsteps and heat venting areas like fire pits, radiators and refrigerators is best.

Don Heit, Town of Dunn Chair dies

Don Heit

I am saddened to report that Don Heit, long-term (nearly 37 years) chair of the Town of Dunn board died unexpectedly Monday morning. Don was  a friend to many in the Downsville area, and was involved in many projects to better the community.



This isn't going to be a big surprise to anyone who has a window, but it's snowing ou there in the Chippwewa Valley. Hang on to your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride over the next couple of days - the photo is the latest MINIMUM snow fall from NOAA - expect more.

Latest warnings are:

52 Bakery

Bakery 52 baked goods

I recently stopped in to the  which was great fun, and I congratulate Lazy Monk for pulling off such a great and fun event. Note that there's one more this Saturday, Dec. 17th. 

Ethics Commissioner Kinney resigns

Only a few months after the creation of the state Ethics Commission, one of the commisioners has resigned, expressing serious concerns about transparency in the behavior of the commission and the ability of the commission to actually enforce ethics on state politicians.

Recent warning about some Netgear home routers

An advisory  in Carnegie Mellon University's public vulnerability database (CERT) said that Netgear's  and 

New Questionnaire

Hi -

If you get a chance, it would be great if you could take just a minute or two to fill out our latest questionnaire. These really help us to figure out what should be worked on, and what your interests are.


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