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Trust, Journalism, Fake News, Technology and the Future of Informed Communities

In an era of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and ever-evolving media platforms, the biggest lesson for the future of journalism is that it’s time to get back to basics.

9th District Court Refuses to re-instate immigration ban

Today the 9th District Court voted unanimously not to overturn the stay against the Trump immigration ban. The entire ruling is attached:

Paul Simon at Eaux Claires???

Paul Simon

From my old pal Jay Gabler at The Current - exciting possible news about the Eaux Claires lineup this year - including Paul Simon, Wilco - and more. Or -- Meauxr.

Guess we will find out for sure tomorrow.

Senator Vinehout: Increasing Funding for Voucher and Charter Schools Comes at a Big Cost

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New estimate by LFB shows funding parity price tag is over $100M

ALMA, WI - For many years, voucher and charter school advocates sought funding parity while rural schools struggle to stay open. Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) responded to a new analysis done by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau pegging the parity price tag at over $100M.


Breaking - DeVos nomination confirmed

As expected, the confirmation vote in the Senate for Betsy DeVos resulted in a tie, with two Republicans voting against.  Vice President Mike Pence voted yes, so the appointment was approved. The Senate is now moving forward on other confirmation votes.

Paul Ryan half-heartedly endorses Trump policies

Paul Ryan

On this morning's NBC NEWS' Meet The Press with Chuck Todd Paul Ryan defended the position of the president on many issues, with just enough pull-back to make himself sound sane. It is interesting to watch the line that Republicans are treading at the moment as they need to defend the antics of the increasingly erratic president while remaining loyal to their party and still looking like they are the adults in the room.

Progressive Talk Radio returns to Wisconsin

Progressive Talk Radio returned to Wisconsin yesterday.

Mike Crute, one of the hosts of Devil's Advocates, recently purchased 1510 AM in the Milwaukee area, changing the format from Spanish-Language Sports to all-talk progressive radio. The station has limited coverage in the state (mostly the Milwaukee area) but is available via live stream everywhere.

Sen. Vinehout - Who Has Been Watching Spending at DOT?

Kathleen Vinehout


Senator Kathleen Vinehout

“Let me see how much you spent,” my mother said when I returned from the store. As the oldest of five children, I was often sent to the store to buy groceries. When I returned home, my mother checked the grocery bag, the receipt and counted the change.

The Story of Trump Resistance in Wisconsin

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The AltGov Twitter List

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