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President-Elect Trump settles Trump University suit for $25 million

In a surprising turn of events, President-Elect Donald Trump settled the civil suit against him for Trump University this afternoon.  A twitter message from the New York State Attorney General stated:

Moving forward - Partnerships logo

The site is slowly becoming more fleshed out, with additional functionality. Some of the exciting things happening:

  • I am starting work on building a Roku channel called The Wisconsin Channel. The idea behind this is to provide a place to watch Wisconsin-related video that tells the story of the great things happening in the state, and news stories in a non-traditional form. We will be working hard with community media partners to provide content for the channel. This is not likely to go live till some time in 2017, but the groundwork for it is being laid.
  • We are starting to do more work reaching out to the community.  We had a very successful small community meeting in Menomonie last month, and intend to have more, starting out in the Chippewa Valley. We hope soon to work out a gathering with nonprofit groups in the area. Watch this space.
  • Which brings up the idea of more formal partnerships.  I am currently working on some ideas for partnerships which may include media partners, nonprofit partners, politicial partners, business partners, and more. We're currently talking to a few nonprofit groups about leveraging Wis.Community as part of their outreach plans.  There will be a survey some time in the next few weeks to try to determine better ways of working out partnerships.

EPA Water Listening Session in Eau Claire

EPA Listening Session Attendees

EPA Listening Session Eau Claire, WI November 15, 2016

On Tuesday Nov. 15 approximately 300 people attended the EPA listening session at Chippewa Valley Technical College. The session was set up for the Administrator of US EPA’s Region V, Robert Kaplan to listen to citizens testifying about water quality in the state and to help determine if the EPA should take over the oversight of Wisconsin's compliance to the Clean Water Act. Wisconsin's DNR has been shrunk in size, and water quality enforcement has become much less of a priority, as the DNR is often not following its own rules or enforcing the law consistently. This is a (rather long) video of most of the citizen testimony on this issue. Many people testified at the meeting, requiring an extension of the meeting. 

This unfortunately was the only such meeting held in the state, so may of the attendees had to drive in from other parts of the state that have been having water quality crises. You may submit your own written testimony to the EPA at the region 5 EPA web site(link is external) . You may also find out more information about the situation in general at Clean Wisconsin(link is external) and Midwest Environmental Advocates,(link is external) who filed the original petition with the EPA.


For Immediate Release November 14, 2016

Discriminatory Voting Laws, Voter Intimidation Appear To Have Taken A Toll

NEW YORK —  Seven leading civil rights organizations today issued the following statement in response to the 2016 Presidential and Congressional election:

The Rise Of Apple Clubs And Trademark Varieties Of Fruit

UW-Extension - reprinted by permission from WisContext

The assortment of apples available to choose from at orchards, farm stands and grocery stores can seem daunting. The number of apples available to choose from at orchards, farm stands and grocery stores can seem daunting. New varieties with catchy names are unfamiliar compared to the traditional Red Delicious and Cortlands shoppers are used to finding every fall, and differ as well from the antique apples that are increasingly available. In many cases, though, the most substantial differences are related to marketing and intellectual property rights, rather than the look and flavor of the fruit.

Apples are one of the few produce items marketed by cultivar name — consumers will pay more for particular varieties that offers better taste, color and flavor. The nature of this market has been proven by the outstanding success of Honeycrisp apples. As a result, new apple varieties are patented, trademarked and marketed similarly to any other managed brand.

Menomonie Market Holiday Open House

The Menomonie Market Holiday Open House was a big success - lots of people came into the store to try special and new foods for the holidays. Cheeses, olive oil, wine, spririts, fruits and more were on display and on sale at the co-op. The event also featured live music from two of the co-op board members, Gary Johson and Patrick Pesek-Herriges.

Students UNITE! from UW Stout and community send supplies to Standing Rock

Water is Life

On Thursday, Nov. 11 members of the Menomonie community joined with Students UNITE! from UW-Stout to send money, food, firewood, and supplies to those protecting the water at Standing Rock. The event was a huge success, meeting the fundraising goals and sending the surplus to the Standing Rock Defense Fund. The event took place at the Acoustic Cafe in downtown Menomonie. Kids and adults made signs to send along to Standing Rock, and a truck full of firewood and supplies is making it's way there right now. 

This is another great example of groups in Menomonie making a difference and creating better community - thanks to everyone who participated, and particularly to Casey Green for heading up the event at The Acoustic.

Dick Lamers talks to the Organizing Co-op about Lake Shore Protection

Dick Lamers talks to the Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op

We had a discussion today with Dick Lamers about shoreline protection laws and the condition of Tainter Lake. This took place on Tainter Lake in Campney Park. We will be bringing you more video and information about our events over time.

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