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Election Commission working on April 7 issues

In an emergency meeting Sunday the Wisconsin Elections Commission several items were discussed.

President Trump extends social distancing through April

President Trump

LIVE SOON: Trump's coronavirus task force gives update at White House

After saying last week that he expected churches to be full for Easter, today in his Coronavirus Task Force Update he extended the guidelines for social distancing through April 30 because the recent projections show a peak of deaths from the virus in about two weeks. The President stated that the details of this plan and the projections would be laid out Tuesday.

State-wide number of COVID-19 Cases Reaches 1112


The reported number of confirmed cases from the Department of Health Services reached 1112 today. This increase is a continuation of the increase that has been seen for some time. One more case has been discovered in Dunn County, rasing the county total to three. The number of reported deaths in the state remains at 13 according to the official  DHS statistics, but the number 18 is being widely reported. 

State-wide 16550 tests given were negative.

New Data - 989 positive COVID-19 cases, 13 deaths

Today's data release from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services shows 989 current confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state. 13 people have now died from infections. The two worst areas in the state continue to be Milwaukee (489 cases) and Dane (158) Counties. 

LWV and multiple groups ask district court to postpone the April 7 election

LWV Logo

Today, March 27, 2020, the Governor has called on the Legislature to provide absentee ballots to all registered voters. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin supports this action but we also know from the Wisconsin Elections Commission that there may not be enough printed ballots and envelopes to send all 3.3 million registered Wisconsin Voters absentee ballots in time for voters to exercise their right to vote on April 7th.

Elections Commision meets today to discuss April 7 election litigation

In today's teleconference the Wisconsin Elections Commission will go into closed session to discuss the multiple lawsuits pending about the April 7 election in Wisconsin. The litigation discussion will take place in closed session. 

Governor Tony Evers creates temporary ban on foreclosures and evictions

Governor Evers

This morning Governor Tony Evers directed DHS Secretary-Designee to put a temporary halt on all evictions and foreclosures in the state. This order remains in effect for 60 days and prevents landlords from evicting tenants if they are unable to pay their rent. Likewise, mortgage companies may not start foreclosure procedures if the reason for the action is non-payment on the mortgage.

Eau Claire County Health Department Live Conference

LIVE: March 27, 2020 - Eau Claire’s COVID-19 incident updates. #StopTheSpreadEC

Dunn County reducing solid waste and recycling further

Dunn County Solid Waste and Recycling logo

Dunn County announced this morning that Solid Waste and Recycling collections will be reduced further. The Connorsville, Downsville, Ridgeland,and Rock Creek stations are, for the time being, completely closed. They had previously had dumpsters available for bagged trash, but that is being discontinued. The dumpsters had been mis-used from people putting in inappropriate items and unbagged trash.

Extended Hours at Several Collection Stations


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