Tommy Thompson's Wacky Iraq War Plan

Tommy Thompson continues to blunder across the national political landscape.

First it was his stereotypical misunderstanding of Judiasm, which Tommy for a course in The Fundamentals of Business Acumen.

And over the weekend he continued to call for on whether US forces should stay or leave - - in other words, giving the Iraqi people life-of-death power over American men and women in uniform.

That power, Mr. Thompson, rests with the American President, and with Congress, something pretty basic about American governance that a presidential campaigner needs to understand.

You can see why Tommy needed to present something new and fresh about himself and the Iraq war because, for four years, our former Governor sat in President Bush's cabinet and probably didn't have the courage to stand up against the war to Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and the other Cabinet warriors.

But turning over the fate of the American military to the Iraqi people? No way.

If Tommy thinks the Iraqi people will vote to send the US forces home, then he should make that his position - - now - - and not give people thousands of miles away a veto power over the lives of our soldiers, and the continuing diminution of our world credibility.

President Tommy Thompson? C'mon!


April 29, 2007 - 3:16pm