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Tommy Thompson Run Unlikely

A Tommy Thompson run for governor now appears unlikely.

And Thompson won't run for U.S. Senate—forget Jonathan Martin's Politico story that he's weighing it; the eventual GOP Senate nominee is toast and I want what David Blaska, Owen Robinson, and Chuck Todd are smoking.

Thompson is on a trip to the Far East for at least a week, and it's-my-turn-to-run Scott Walker and here's-a-$1 million Mark Neumann aren't dropping out.

A Thompson run for governor announced in February or March would cause catastrophic unpredictability in what the GOP already fears will be a divisive primary in this volatile environment, and in a state known for bucking the establishments of both major political parties.

Sure, Sen. Herb Kohl can parachute in the primary like he did in June 1988, refuse to debate other candidates, and win by air war.

That won't work for Thompson now as too many Republicans are vested in their chosen champion who will face a strong Democratic opponent in Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.

Thompson is a great cultural fit for Wisconsin; but running now would just make too many enemies and confuse the already blurred political lines.

Thompson's like Chinese food, you're ready for him again but not when other entrées are prepared and ready to serve.

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January 23, 2010 - 11:10am