Tommy the Great White Hunter? Not so much.

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Mitt the Not-So-Great Hunter only shoots at varmints and has never had a hunting license? He should feel a kinship with Tommy Thompson, former governor of Wisconsin, former HHS secretary under Dubya and latest Repug to enter the race for preznit....

Tommy made a big deal on TV, when he announced his bid, about being a hunter and implying Hillary Clinton is not (although, when asked, he had to admit that he doesn't really know whether she hunts). He wants us to think he's more "one of us" than that woman....

Tommy doesn't strike me as one of us muddy boots guys, so I e-mailed the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to ask in which years, if any, Tommy has purchased a hunting license. The reply: 1999 through 2006.

The man is 65 years old and he's purchased a hunting license for only the past 7 hunting seasons? He was 58 before he started hunting -- or, at least, started buying a license to hunt?

Oddly enough, he left Wisconsin to live and work in Washington, DC, in February 2001, so the whole time he lived here in Wisconsin, he purchased a hunting license only twice. Huh.

Obviously, it doesn't matter a bit how many times Tommy has hunted, or whether he actually hunts at all (still yet to be determined -- buying a license doesn't mean he really hunts).

What does matter is the dishonesty: If you don't hunt until you're 58, you really can't lay claim to some sort of superior connection with, or understanding of, us Midwestern gun-toting meat eaters. (Note to Tommy: If you want to connect to us, here's a hint -- We don't think real men dye their hair when they go grey.)


April 11, 2007 - 11:57pm