To Chip or Not to Chip!

Some days I'm really proud to be from Wisconsin. Some days I'm embarassed. Some days I'm just confused. This is a confused day.

First our esteemed ex-governor Tommy gets himself set with a company that wants to put chips in our arms so that we can all be easily identifiable to our health care providers, etc.  Okay, so I had my doubts about that, since I didn't really even want to do that with my doggie, much less my daughters. But heck, I guess I've heard loopier ideas.

Now I see that we have a bill wandering to the leg .  It never even occurred to me that anyone would consider this as a mandatory thing. Apparently it did occur to Marlin Schneider.  He's probably right. A few years back I would have thought that the idea of chipping people would have got laughed right out of town - but I don't see anybody laughing.  So maybe this bill is a good idea after all.  It's a logical extension  of modern life - You wanna prove you're not a terrorist?  Let me stick this thing in your arm - you'll hardly notice. 

So - whaddya think? Would you be willing to be chipped?    Despite the Republican/Democrat dichotomy here, can this possibly be a partisan issue?


April 25, 2006 - 12:47pm