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Time for the nuclear option in the Senate?

Steve Burns at the asks a very timely question, as Congress takes it sweet time tinkering with a stimulus bill:

What is it the makes Democrats so committed to the Senate rule that allows the minority to tie things in knots?

Remember the "nuclear option" threat by the GOP when Republicans ruled the Senate? The threat, basically, was that if Dems didn&;t play ball they&;d change the rules and eliminate the rule that says you need 60 votes to end debate and pass a bill.

Maybe it&;s time for Dems to quit making nice and up the ante.

But WNPJ&;s Burns suggests that Harry Reid and others may actually like the rule because it gives them a great excuse for inaction or half-assed action.

Read Burn&;s piece on the WNPJ blog


February 8, 2009 - 8:25pm