The Decembrists and Our Alive Media

The Decembrists and Colbert duel last night (a little history ) has brought a buzz of interest in the Indy group--check out The Decembrists “16 military wives” as highlighted on Their line about “And the anchor person on TV goes ladedahdedah” is on first hearing amusing. Yet this live segment via where the lead singer Colin Meloy plays with the crowd on the ladedahdedah ending seems to be telling us something more than just how to have fun. The young crowd seems to get into it a bit much--if I was a news anchor I’d have a chill running down my back and I'd be watching my back for Alive media.

Contrast this with the work of Alive media that started with the site This site, on a budget of thousands of dollars, is capturing video on the ground in Baghdad of ordinary Iraqis and their concerns. There is not any ladedahdedah on this site. (hat tip to CBCs As It Happens for their interview of the founder 12/20/06 program)


December 21, 2006 - 5:48pm