The People's Report on Iraq


A response to the Petreaus Report on Capitol Hill

Written with the help of Phyllis Bennis, Erik Leaver, and Saif Rahman at the Institute for Policy Studies, is publishing the People's Report.  Feel free to print this report and share it with your Congressional Representatives.

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"The so-called Petraeus Report-actually written within the White House-is supposed to evaluate "progress" in the U.S. war and surging occupation of Iraq based on a set of congressionally-determined benchmarks. Those evaluations will ostensibly provide an overview of how far along U.S.-occupied Iraq is in achieving "stability," "democracy," "equity between groups," and more."

"But however the White House drafters and General Petraeus and the spindoctors assess the benchmarks, what the report will almost certainly NOT do is provide a true glimpse of what the shattered lives of the 25 million Iraqis look like today."


September 11, 2007 - 1:57pm