The Dems' 'radical' health care plan

Every now and then, someone just takes the words right out of your mouth.

In this case, it's the who notes how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel allows its Capitol reporter to characterize the health care plan passed by State Senate Democrats.  He expresses my sentiments exactly.   

The Brawler asks, as many have in the past, whether "reporter" Steve Walters is paid by the Republicans to propagandize on their behalf.

Others have speculated in the past about whether he was hoping the GOP would hire him. But why would they put him on the payroll, when he's already doing their PR for free?

It makes you wonder, assuming someone reads his copy before it goes to print, whether the editors agree with his assessment. They clearly made no effort to make his story objective.  (Or would it turn out that the editing process added the word "radical"?)


July 16, 2007 - 12:52pm