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Internet of Things - taking over our brains AND our computers

One of the great promises of modern life is the Internet of Things - you know, where all those little gadgets and thingy-dos in your world are connected to the internet, and we can control them and talk to them and interact from everywhere. This is a really slick bunch of stuff and a lot of it is intriguing, and remarkably cheap, all things considered.

One of the prices we're all paying for the cheapness is an appalling lack of security. More and more we not only have to worry about computer security on our computers, but on all those devices around the house.  The worst thing is that we all know we need to upgrade our computers, and have security software, blah-blah-blah.  But nobody seemingly gives a lot of thought to the security of the network equipment in our houses, or your internet-connected thermostat, Alexa box, refrigerator, or streaming video box.

Bruce Schneier CryptoGram Sept. 15, 2016


         September 15, 2016

         by Bruce Schneier
   CTO, Resilient, an IBM Company
       [email protected]

Cord Cutting - A journey Part 1

Cord Cutting

I am embarking on a great venture - cutting the cord on our TV service. I will occasionally write about this here, including the trials and tribulations (as well as successes) as I move along.  For some time now we've had our TV service with our local phone co-op, and have generally been happy with it. Recently though we've discovered that when our contract was coming up for renewal the price of service had increased dramatically.

Does your anti-virus software make you less or more vulnerable?

Is your antivirus protecting your computer or making it more hackable?

Internet security experts are warning that anti-malware technology is becoming less and less effective at protecting your data and devices, and there's evidence that security software can sometimes even make your computer more vulnerable to security breaches.