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NAMI: Wisconsinites Helping Those Affected by Mental Illness

Jeff Smith - You Are Not Alone: Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

State Senator Jeff Smith
May 12, 2021

Please note, this column contains sensitive information regarding mental health and suicide. Information and statistics in this column come from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


Kiddos and Mental Health

Senator Jeff Smith
August 26, 2019

#ffffff;">We always want what’s best for our children. We want our children to be happy, comfortable and safe. If we could provide all the tools for our children to succeed, why wouldn’t we?

#ffffff;">The urgency for mental health funding is not going away. We need to face it head on. You’d think an issue affecting so many people would lead us to come together to find solutions on this important issue. What is the biggest hurdle we face?

Jeff Smith - Mental Health is Real Health

Senator Jeff Smith
May 1, 2019

#000000;">So much can be said about mental health and yet so little has been done. We all know someone struggling with mental illness. So few receive the help they need.

#000000;">Over the past few weeks, I’ve been at eleven budget listening sessions. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about Governor Tony Evers’ budget. Time and time again, many of the conversations I have with attendees is about mental health.

NAMI: Wisconsinites Helping Those Affected by Mental Illness

Kathleen Vinehout
May 8, 2018

‘Mental health issues have touched my family in many ways,” Barb Habben recently told me. “Because of this [work with NAMI] has become my second career.” Barb is the local coordinator of NAMI Chippewa Valley.