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Green Bay Area Public Schools "Enlighten" Parents

Alleged Textbook Bias in Houghton Mifflin Texts

#292929; line-height: 125%; font-family: Helvetica">Update: "The Wonk Room" from Think Progress examines the text in question and exposes the inaccuracies.  They also provide a link to a "Friends of the Earth" petition directed at the publisher to correct the "misleading" information.  From :

Green Bay Area Public Schools "Enlighten" Parents

In the recent “Home & School Connection” newsletter from the Green Bay Area Public Schools dated April 2008 there was an interesting question raised in the Q& A box.

 Quote:  “My son Jimmy gets good grades on tests and quizzes, but his report card had some low marks because of missed or incomplete assignments.  What should I do?

 An interesting question, and “untimely” to say the least.  The question itself raises specific circumstances which may or may not exist.  It presupposes that the child in fact did miss assignments or that they were incomplete.