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Governor Evers Proposes non-partisan maps in state budget

Fall in Line for Fair Maps Event Sunday - we can fix this

Event Poster
October 9, 2020

Western WI for Nonpartisan Voting Districts (a project of PCGRO) and the League of Women Voters, Greater Chippewa Valley will be holding an event called Fall in Line for Fair Maps this Sunday. The event will be a progressive visit to local businesses to purchase food and talk about fair maps and Gerrymandering.

Menomonie - Fall in Live for Fair Maps

Come join a Fall Color Tour of Dunn County to show your support for Ending Gerrymandering!Sunday, October 11 from noon to 4 pm

Decorate your car with purple for fair maps and flags to get out the vote.

Come prepared for a progressive purchase of:

  • Ponytail Wood-Fired Pizza in Colfax at Kyle’s Market from noon to 12:45 pm,

  • Snacks at the Grain Bin, Boyceville area from 1:15 to 2 pm, 

  • Coffee at the Menomonie Market Food Coop, Menomonie from 2:30 to 3 pm,

Wisconsin Fair Maps Commission Meeting for the 8th CD - 10/1/2020

People's Maps Commission Online Public Hearing | 8th Congressional District

October 1, 2020

This is the live stream of today's Fair Maps Commission meeting, which will include public testimony. The live stream begins at 5:30 PM.

Fair Maps Beer Day

Sit down outdoors at your favorite micro brewery and have a conversation about Fair Maps and gerrymandering with local enthusiasts.

  • Brewery Nonic, Menomonie
  • Zymurgy Brewing Co, Menomonie
  • Hop and Barrel Brewing Company, Hudson

Sponsored by Fair Maps WI, League of Women Voters Greater Chippewa Valley and Western WI for Nonpartisan Voting Districts.


Bring your mask and your curiosity!

The T-Shirt shown here will be available for purchase at the event.

The People’s Maps Commission: By the People and For the People

State Senator Jeff Smith
July 20, 2020

When representatives of the original colonies gathered to determine the formation of the United States they took the bold step of putting the trust in the hands of its citizens, establishing the United States as a Democratic Republic.



September 12, 2019
The need for redistricting reform in Wisconsin is critical. Concerned voters across the political spectrum are calling to end the practice of gerrymandering by our elected officials. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has advocated for nonpartisan redistricting for decades. Over these decades, the control of the legislature has teetered between the two major parties.

Trust The Voters

July 9, 2019

#222222;">#ffffff;">Redistricting is right around the corner in 2021. New legislative and congressional district maps will be drawn up after the census by the political party in charge. Gerrymandered maps will give the party in charge a secure advantage for the next 10 years.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign on SCOTUS Gerrymandering Ruling

June 27, 2019

Representative Emerson - statement on SCOTUS gerrymandering ruling

June 27, 2019

Representative Emerson Statement on SCOTUS Gerrymandering Ruling MADISON –

Governor Evers Proposes non-partisan maps in state budget

February 26, 2019

Today Governor Evers proposed a non-partisan solution to gerrymandering in the state, which will be included in the governor's budget which will be released Thursday.