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Looking Forward to 2018

Senate Live Floor Session DATCP Secretary Pfaff - Pfaff not confirmed

November 5, 2019

It has often been said that watching laws being made is like watching sausage being made - you don't want to see the details. Here is an example of our Legislature making sausage you just do not want to eat. The Senate is debating the confirmation of DATCP Secretary Pfaff. 

- Update - Pfaff was not confirmed. 14 Ayes, 19 Nos, strictly along party lines. More later. The Senate has re-convened and is now considering other business.

Jeff Smith - Knowledge is Power

Senator Jeff Smith
May 13, 2019

Looking Forward to 2018

Kathleen Vinehout
December 30, 2017

Snow falls gently on the farm. It’s the light, fluffy snow that comes when it’s very cold.

We’ve seen bitter temperatures to end the year. Like many, the cold caused its share of problems on our farm. I was reminded to appreciate running water when our well pump went out Christmas Eve. When an electric waterer failed, we carried buckets of water to our horses.