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John Calabrese - Democratic Candidate for District 10

The Future of Voting in Wisconsin

Automatic Voter Registration Forum

October 10, 2018

Candidates from western Wisconsin participated in a forum on voting in Wisconsin. Issues discussed included automatic voter registration, voting by mail, election security, gerrymandering, and more. The candidates invited had all pledged to support automatic voter registration in Wisconsin, in an attempt to increase participation in voting. It should be noted that the candidates were all representatives of the Democratic Party, the Green Party, or Independent. 

John Calabrese - Democratic Candidate for District 10

Candidate Interviews: John Calabrese (D) Candidate for 10th Senate District

December 10, 2017

Wisconsin Eye has been interviewing candidates for the 10th District State Senate seat that has been opened up because Sheila Harsdorf is leaving for Washington for an administration position in agriculture. , and is on a very short timetable.