Thank you, Wisconsin, for the beautiful gift

Wisconsin Guesses At What Younger Workers Want

Gov. Scott Walker and state economic development officials want to spend about $7 million on a marketing campaign to entice young, college-educated workers to move to Wisconsin. However, advertising to such prospective residents — insert media punditry about "millennials" and chamber-of-commerce shorthand on...

Evers Campaign Statement on Foxconn Tax

“Today it was revealed that Wisconsin electrical customers are being asked to foot the bill for 40 years to build a new $140 million dollar facility to provide electricity for Foxconn.  It wasn't enough for Walker to give Foxconn a $3,000,000,000 sweetheart deal paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers.  Now Foxconn wants Wisconsin ratepayers to cough up another $140 million from their own wallets.  This deal just keeps getting worse and worse.  Scott Walker should


From Lake Michigan To Foxconn's LCD Screens

No one knows yet for sure how much water Foxconn's planned electronics manufacturing plant in Mount Pleasant will need for its daily operations, but just getting it there will be a big job.

Foxconn and local officials will have to transport massive amounts of water to the $10 billion LCD screen manufacturing plant and treat the facility's wastewater before it's returned into the...

Comparing Governor Walker’s high-speed rail decision to his Foxconn decision shows it’s time for a change

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Comparing Governor Walker’s high-speed rail decision to his Foxconn decision shows it’s time for a change



WEDC Admits They Are Not Following the Law

Kathleen Vinehout

“We have not been able to verify the jobs,” said Secretary Mark Hogan at a recent public hearing of the Joint Committee on Audit.

In this statement, the head of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) confirmed what several years of audits repeatedly found: our state awarded hundreds of millions in tax credits and cash payments to companies to create jobs without ever checking to see if jobs were...

WEDC’s History Raises Concerns about State’s Ability to Oversee Foxconn Deal

Kathleen Vinehout

“Can you find out the nuclear flaw in the Foxconn deal?” a woman asked me. She was referring to words leaked out of secret negotiations between the state and a Taiwanese billionaire.


Lawmakers, who recently voted in favor of the Foxconn deal, did so without seeing any contract. They put faith in a state operation known as Wisconsin Economic Development (WEDC).


Foxconn Site Tour

Our Badger Eye correspondent, Dan Wilson, takes you on a tour of the new Foxconn site in Racine County.

Weighing the Environmental Risks Of Electronics Fabrication In Wisconsin

When it comes to the environmental impact of manufacturing electronics, there is an essential distinction between fabrication and assembly. Creating the basic components that of a device is a process that fundamentally results in a variety of byproducts, some of which can pose threats to ecosystems, human health and essential resources. Putting those components together...

The Rules For Great Lakes Water And Foxconn's Thirsty Operations

Wisconsin legislators have proposed carving out broad environmental exemptions for a proposed Foxconn factory. An incentives bill currently working its way through the legislature would streamline how the state applies the Great Lakes Compact if the facility decides to use water from Lake Michigan. Given the thirsty nature of LCD fabrication, southeastern Wisconsin...

Thank you, Wisconsin, for the beautiful gift

Friends in the Wisconsin Legislature, we beg you: Sign that bad deal with Foxconn,” recently wrote the Chicago Sun Times editorial board. “It’s the neighborly thing to do.”