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Unofficial Election Returns Tonight

Menomonie School District and State Superintendent Results

February 17, 2021

In the local Menomonie School Board Race all votes are in and the results are:

Karl Palmer - 1042

Donna Thibado - 794

Jim Swanson - 786

Mark Hillman - 775

Penny Burstad - 722

Angie Skillings - 587

Rick Scharlau - 441

Jeremy Enger - 139

Unofficial Election Returns Tonight

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November 6, 2018

Now that you have voted - you have voted, right? you are probably wondering how you find out who won. State-wide, the AP collects data from various counties and reports results. Many news organizations in the state are AP members, and so will have access to the returns. If you are interested in local results, it's usually fastest to look at the elections on your own county website. We've listed some of our favorite links below.