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COVID-19 update for 10/1/2020

Department of Health Services COVID-19 update for 10/13/2020

COVID-19 Media Briefing - 10/13/2020

October 13, 2020


  • Governor Tony Evers
  • Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, Wisconsin Department of Health Services 
  • Stephanie Smiley, Interim DPH Administrator and State Health Officer 
  • Ryan Nilsestuen, Chief Legal Counsel, Office of the Governor

When: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.                 

Dunn County Social Media COVID-19 Update

October 7 COVID-19 update
October 9, 2020

Dunn County is making some changes to how COVID-19 data is reported in social media posts. The new posts provide more detail. In a press release today Dunn County Public Health Director KT Gallagher explained the changes:

White House says Wisconsin is the #3 hotspot

October 8, 2020

Gov. Evers opens State Fair Park Healthcare Facility due to hospital load

Governor Tony Evers
October 7, 2020
 Record COVID-19 surges throughout the state increases pressure on Wisconsin health systems 

COVID-19 Media Briefing for 10/7/2020

COVID-19 Media Briefing - 10/07/2020

October 7, 2020

This is today's media briefing by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


Bogus isolation and quarantine placards in Eau Claire

Fake Placard Photo
October 5, 2020

Fake quarantine and isolation notices have started appearing on businesses in Eau Claire. In a press release this morning the Eau Claire CIty-County Health Department attributed these placards to a  misinformation campaign related to the communicable disease ordinances being considered by the City Council and County Board this month. 

Wisconsin's Urgent, Imperfect, Transparent, Confusing, Essential COVID-19 Data

Wisconsin Positive Tests Graph
October 4, 2020

Alarmed by "near-exponential" growth in COVID-19 cases across Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers on Sept. 22 declared his during the pandemic and extended a statewide mask mandate to Nov. 21.

Dunn County COVID-19 Health Alert

COVID Statistics Image
October 2, 2020

This is a health alert from the Dunn County Public Health Department and includes this week's video update from KT Gallagher, Dunn County Health Director

COVID-19 update for 10/1/2020

Free COVID-19 Testing Graphic
October 1, 2020

Wisconsin again hit a new record for positive COVID-19 tests today. The numbers for today show 2887 new cases. Six of the last 7 days have been over 2000 new infections per day for the state. Locally in Dunn County, we now have another 21 new positive cases today, which in conjunction with the last few days will overtax the ability to do contact tracing. This will inevitably lead to still more infections in the county. There has still only been one death in the county.