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Newsmakers: COVID-19 Update with LWM Executive Director Jerry Deschane

It's election time in Wisconsin again

ballot box
April 13, 2020

It is finally time to count the votes from the April 7 election. Poll workers could start counting ballots at 4 PM and votes are slowly starting to trickle in. There is still a lot of contention over the issues caused by having the election in the middle of a pandemic crisis in the state, and the other issues caused by the flurry of mitigation that went on through the course of the week preceding the election.

Governor Evers issues statement on today's election

Governor Evers
April 7, 2020

Governor Tony Evers today released a statement on today's Spring Election:

“#1c1e21;">Although I remain deeply concerned about the public health implications of voting in-person today, I am overwhelmed by the bravery, resilience, and heroism of those who are defending our democracy by showing up to vote, working the polls, and reporting on this election. Thank you for giving our state something to be proud of today. Please stay as safe as possible, Wisconsin.”

April 7 election is back on, absentee ballot deadline changed - Election Commission Emergency meeting

Supreme Court Ruling
April 6, 2020

By order of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court the election will take place tomorrow, April 7.  The  court put out an order minutes ago invalidating Gov. Evers Executive Order this afternoon to postpone the election.

April 7 election - changes overnight

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April 4, 2020

The status of the April 7 election continues to change. Late yesterday the 7th District Court of Appeals responded to the emergency appeal posed by the state, and national Republican Parties, as well as the appeal from Republicans in the state legislature. The court refused to stay the order from Judge William Conley to change the cutoff date for the return of absentee ballots in the state, which was the main point of conjecture in the appeals.

April 7 election - where do we stand? - update

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April 3, 2020

Consider this a practical guide to where things stand for the April 7 election at this time.

Governor Evers releases statement on April 7 election

Governor Tony Evers
April 1, 2020

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers issued the following statement regarding the upcoming April 7 election. 

“We have three branches of government to ensure a system of checks and balances, and questions about our elections typically rely on all three playing a role.

Newsmakers: COVID-19 Update with LWM Executive Director Jerry Deschane

March 24, 2020

This is an interesting discussion with the director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities about the problems of doing the upcoming April 7 election and requests to the Governor to address the problems.