Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

Having just listened to The President's speech:

I know I'm getting old because this all seems so familiar.

Mistakes have been made, but we need to increase our commitment to prevent a disaster that will happen if we leave, putting the whole area of the world into turmoil.

Okay, I'm paraphrasing, but I could swear that I heard almost exactly the same words coming from Lyndon Johnson, and from Richard Nixon. At least that was a bipartisan debacle, with plenty of blame to go around. In this case, we have most of the American public, and a lot of Congress agreed that this is a mistake. Most of the military apparently believes the same.

Yet we are again Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (and the big fool says to push on). The only difference I can see is that now I'm old enough that I'm not worrying about being sent over personally like the last time. And thank God my daughters are also (probably) too old. But I see the havoc being caused in the lives of friends and neighbors. We're conveniently not confronted with pictures of the dead and maimed coming back from Iraq - but they still keep coming back.

And this time around we're not even willing to pay the financial cost - we're foisting that stuff all off on our children and grandchildren, so that the rich in this country can become super-mega-hella rich.

Let's see some indignation. Remember indignation? It's what you used to feel before the hopelessness set in. I want it back.


January 10, 2007 - 9:34pm