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Sin of omission

That's what the nuns used to call it back when we worried about exactly where the line was between venial and mortal sins.

And that's what the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance appears to have committed in a new report on fee increases by local governments.

The report covers cities and villages and highlights the City of Milwaukee, where the Democratic mayor is running for governor. But it fails to include -- an oversight no doubt -- coounty governments, even though the Republican Milwaukee County executive is also running for governor.

And did we mention that Scott Walker, who promised as a candidate not to raise fees, has more than doubled them since 2002?

One Wisconsin Now (OWN) has had enough of this group masquerading as a non-partisan public interest group, pushing a conservative, pro-corporate, Republican agenda while posing as a neutral source on tax policy.

OWN pointed out the gaping holes in the alliance's last report, and has started a new website WisTAXWatch to expose the group for what it really is.


February 15, 2010 - 6:00pm