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Secret conclave annoints Lassa for 7th CD pope

It wasn't easy, but a secret weekend meeting of top Democrats in the 7th Congressional District, plus some Washington party operatives, has produced a candidate to run for David Obey's seat.

It's Julie Lassa, a mid-term state senator from Stevens Point, although she is reportedly a reluctant candidate who declined the role but finally agreed when no one else stepped up.

State Sens. Russ Decker and Rob Kreitlow were also in the mix, but either of them would have to give up his current seat to run. Lassa has a free ride.

Does that clear the field? We'll see. Obey's million dollar warchest, which could go to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, could carry a lot of clout, not to mention his personal endorsement and his reported threat to publicly trash and burn at least one other prospective candidate if he runs.

This one may still be unfolding for awhile, and the way it's starting should make the GOP gleeful.


May 10, 2010 - 6:35pm