Scott Walker's troubles are real, not temporary or imaginary

Scott Walker's poll numbers in the toilet?

Well, not exactly, but certainly circling the drain, as and others have reported. Brew City Brawler offers some analysis and amusing observation:

It's not true that nobody likes him. Wife Tonette does, at last report, and so does Tom Nardelli -- whom everybody really disliked when he ran for county exec -- because Nardelli is now on the county payroll.

Walker is in real trouble, no doubt about it. He is vulnerable. But it will take a credible challenger with enough resources who runs a near-perfect campaign.

The Walker camp, of course, has a billion reasons that Walker's numbers might have been "temporarily" low at the time of the recent survey.

Hogwash. A survey this week would show the same thing; he's worn out his welcome with a lot of people, who have figured out he's just another promise-breaking phony who poses as a "reformer."

They've given him five years, and he's still doing nothing but pointing fingers at Tom Ament and others who are long gone.

Poll or no poll, Walker is the favorite to win re-election.

But to put it all into some perspective, consider this:

Four years ago, Walker started his campaign with a 50 per cent lead over his challenger, David Riemer.

When the campaign was over, Riemer got 43% of the vote.  Walker's margin fell from 50% to 14%. 

How far do you suppose someone could get who starts out now less than 20 points behind Walker?


(Disclosure: I was Riemer's strategist and media consultant.)


September 1, 2007 - 10:04pm