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Rummy and the Morons

Well, it would seem that I am a moron!

No, Really.. I never learned. I have to defer to the wise and well educated Donald Rumsfeld, who today let a hall full of American Legion Members know that if one a opposes the war in Iraq that they are suffering from “moral or intellectual confusion." Now, maybe I am a tad off base, but I think Rumsfeld just called me a moron!

Rummy also told the Legion members that "some seem not to have learned"... Well, I am always willing to look back on my beliefs and see if I am a bit skewed...I guess he is right, there are a few things that I never learned: I never learned that the only way to peace is by sending hundreds of thousands of troops to a foreign country and start killing their citizens. I never learned that it ok to lie to my fellow Americans in the name of National Security.

I never learned that it is ok to spy on my neighbors because if they are acting funny they are obviously a terrorist. I never learned that it is ok to reactivate thousands of troops to cover the thin line the Administration caused when they went into a country that had nothing to do with murdering 3,000 of our neighbors instead of consentrating on the guy that admitted he did it.

I never learned that it is my responsibility to get out my pom-poms and cheer for the hegemonic conduct of this administration and if I do not do so then I am unpatriotic. I never learned that if I am not supporting the govermnment then I am not supporting my troops. I never learned that it is ok to hire a completely unqualified person to run agencies that are in charge of countless lives and then blame the poor guy when he screws up. I never learned that it was my responsibility to wave my rights and allow somebody to tap my phones or pat me down because I look different. I hope I never learn.


August 29, 2006 - 8:06pm