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Rudy Giuliani - Whatta dunce

I take back everything I&;ve said in the last few days about having mixed feelings about the Democratic Convention. I&;ve been watching the Republican Convention, and am currently watching Giuliani&;s keynote speech.  I feel much better about the Democratic Convention now.

I don&;t know where to start. From his attacks on Obama for voting present (which I&;ll grant you is different from McCain - who generally just doesn&;t show up for any vote that he&;s not interested in) to his somewhat contorted  notion that being a senator and a community organizer isn&;t "real experience" but that being a mayor of a city of 7,000 is, to -- well, the mind reels.  Obviously Giuliani has never tried to be a community organizer.

Why can&;t he ever ever ever think of anything that isn&;t related to 9/11?  Now he&;s finding the Democrats negligent for not talking about 9/11 during their convention.  Golly - that really was quite a while ago.  You&;d kind of think that it might be reasonable to talk about - um - the present.  

What is it with this business of McCain being a  POW.  I don&;t take that lightly - my dad was a POW in WWII and I always had a great respect for the fact that that was one of the turning points of his life, and changed him forever.  But I never would have considered that to be a reason to make him president. And I&;m sure he knew that as well.  

The general tenor of all of this is to dwell on the past, to dwell on how important it is to "win" in Iraq, and to imply that governorship and being a mayor are the only kinds of experience that count - where the hell does that leave McCain?  I understand that his role here is to bring out the red meat to dangle in front of the party loyalists - but in general these speeches strike me as desperate attempts to defend a lot of bad decisions that have had bad results, and to make it look like they are the only defenders of freedom in the world.  I can&;t imagine that this display is playing very well outside of the confines of the convention. 

I now must go wash out my ears.  If this sort of claptrap is the presumed future of our country, let&;s fight it tooth and nail.

GIuliani has blathered on so long that they&;ve needed to cancel the video introducing Sarah Palin - and I have to say that after listening to Giuliani speak, I&;m actually looking forward to this - much as I think she&;s a totally inappropriate candidate, I assume she&;s going to at least act in a sane manner.


September 3, 2008 - 9:16pm