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Ron Johnson plays Mr. Insider in DC

Does this sound like an outsider who's going to shake up the Washington power structure?  Or is it someone who went to Washington to court the power structure and get his marching orders?

Ron Johnson, GOP Senate candidate, visited DC recently and spent his time, according to The Hill:

     -- Meeting with members of the Senate Republican Conference.  In other words, incumbent Republican Senators, who are responsible for the partisan gridlock that his tied the government in knots.

     -- Meeting with Rep. Paul Ryan, an establishment Republican and major insider who's sometimes touted for the GOP national ticket, and certainly not as an outside challenging the system.

     -- "Brushing up" on policy issues with the Heritage Foundation.  “That’s where I mainly got my policy briefing,” he said. “I really appreciated that — that was very informative.”   Was it informative enough for him to stop ducking the news media or even Tea Party interviews?

New politics?  Same old, same old.   


June 25, 2010 - 11:32am