The Growler Guys

Growler Guys is an interesting concept. They sell a very large number of beers, ciders, and meads on tap. The taps range wildly in price, and are always rotating so you can always surprise yourself when you go there.  I have had some delicious pours at Growler Guys and I am particularly impressed that they always have a very nice selection of ciders on tap from around the country. They now also serve Komucha. See the link below for what is on tap today.


Bug-Eyed Betty's

Bug-Eyed Betty's has become a local favorite, and with good reason. The food is always a little more interesting than the average restaurant and bar in the area, and is all reasonably priced considering the above-average quality.

There is always a good selection of wine and beer, and the happy-hour specials make them all affordable. Note also that Betty's has a reputation of doing good things for the local community - always worth considering.

Netty Q's Italian Restaurant

Home-cooked style Italian food in Menomonie. Near Ace Hardware and Dick's Groceries.

Netty Q's offers a nice but limited selection of old-style Italian cooking and some wonderful salads.  You won't find food out of a box, or freezer here. The home-made Cannoli desserts are exceptional, and prices are very fair.

The restaurant does not serve any alcoholic beverages, and has a fairly limited selection of beverages in general.

Still - you can't go wrong if you're looking for a home-cooked Italian meal.


Company Coffee House

This restaurant/coffee shop is located in the former Knapp, Stout, and Co. General Store, so it is of historical interest - but don't go there for that. Go for the great coffee and food, much of which is locally sourced.  The baked goods are great old-fashioned items, made at the restaurant with love. There are many interesting menu items for breakfast and lunch, all of which are recommended.

Keep in mind that they are not open for dinner (except recently on Thursdays - check with them to be sure) and they are open six days per week- but never on Saturday.


Ramone's Ice Cream Parlor

New kid on the block old-fashioned ice cream parlor with hand-dipped cones, malts, pies and coffee.  Lines are running out the door on hot days, so be prepared to wait, but it's worth it.  Chocolate Shoppe ice cream is great.  Many flavors.


Amery Farm Table Restaurant

Farm Table Values

The northwest region of Wisconsin is the last and largest concentration of small farms in America — farms 300 acres and fewer.  A lot has changed in agriculture, and Farm Table is proud to support one aspect that hasn’t:  small farms care about rich soil, wholesome produce and raising healthy animals on grass.


Menomonie Market Food Co-op

As eaters and members of the human family, we honor all paths. Whether you are young or old, big or small, healthy or unhealthy, on a budget or not, you are welcome here. Menomonie Market is Menomonie’s only community-owned grocery store, with over 2,000 households represented in our ownership.