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Community Foundation of Dunn County

Welcome to the Community Foundation of Dunn County

Since 1995 we have been helping donors like you express their passion for giving. Our passion is to promote charitable giving that would create a permanent source of capital to benefit and enrich the quality of life of everyone in the Dunn County area. Countless acts of generosity, small and large, have brought us to where we are today. What has been consistent is the strong desire to give back by the people who live here.


Sister District

These are dangerous times that demand resistance. But if you live in a solidly blue (or red) place, you might feel frustrated trying to figure out what you can do to fight back. The Sister District Project can help you find a place to channel your blue energy where it will actually make a difference.

Hungry Turtle Institute


Hungry Turtle Institute is a 501c3 organization committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and land stewardship through education, innovative partnerships, and programming. Hungry Turtle Institute believes promoting nutrient rich foods and sustainable living strengthens communities, encourages economic growth and development, and builds healthy societies.

Along the way, we want to have fun and build a community that believes in itself and finds ways to positively contribute to a better planet for creatures great and small — animal, vegetable and mineral.


Wisconsin Local Food Network

The WLFN is a collection of individuals and organizations (hopefully you) that all share a common vision for Wisconsin: a state that offers communities and businesses a local food system that supports sustainable farms of all sizes, a strong infrastructure for those farms and supporting food business to thrive, and affordable access to healthy locally grown food for ALL Wisconsin residents. If you support this vision and are working toward such a Wisconsin – then you are a part of the Wisconsin Local Food Network.