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EB Ranch

#3e3e3e; font-family: 'Quattrocento Sans', sans-serif;">My name is Erin Link and am steward to the rare, critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats. There are only about 750 of them left worldwide, and right now I have about 14 of these beautiful goats. I hand milk these goats and create small batches of homemade goat milk soap. I hope that with these bars of soap, people will become aware of these rare goats and other heritage breed livestock.


Amanda's Eggs and Poultry

Welcome to Amanda's Eggs & Pasture Poultry LLC.-on the web! Buy your food from a Local producer who treats their animals andthe environment with a respectful philosophy. Free Range and Raised without unnecessary chemicals. Also a licensed egg packer through the state of Wisconsin.

These are great eggs, and are sold in many local food co-ops, restaurants, and farmer's markets. Look at Amanda's web site for details.