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Rasmussen 'laughingstock in political world'

More on our friends at Rasmussen Reports, which we've been saying for some time should not be regarded as anything but a Republican PR firm using its phony polling as spin: This from kos, the man himself at DailyKos, who notes that Rasmussen has done some creative, "corrective" polling reports in Connecticut and Massachusetts recently, after independent polls showed Rasmussen way off base (guess in which direction):

Remember, Rasmussen has two modes -- the narrative setting mode, which he's used to great effect this year to fuel the "Democrats are doomed" narrative, and the "get it right" mode he uses the closer we get to the actual election. Well, we're not that close to November yet, but apparently he felt threatened by having such massive outliers vis a vis other pollsters. So he rushed new polling more in line with the composite polling trendlines.

It's kind of hard to set narratives when you become a laughing stock in the political world.

Read it here.

Maybe it will soon be time to stop beating this horse, but let's make sure it's really dead first.


June 3, 2010 - 3:42pm