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Rasmussen debunked, Westlake devastated

We commented recently on the phenomenal name identification David Westlake has achieved.

"Who's that?" you may ask. And with good reason.

Westlake is a US Senate candidate, running against Russ Feingold. Rasmussen Reports, a GOP polling firm that keeps releasing polls with rosy numbers for Wisconsin Republicans --but doesn't say who's paying for them -- puts Westlake's name ID at 64%. We have been more than skeptical.

Now, a "more reliable" source makes the point. Stuart Rothenberg, editor of a respected non-partisan DC newsletter, writes for Congressional Quarterly on Why you shouldn't believe everything you read, and the Rasmussen poll is the prime example.

Westlake is no doubt quite disappointed to find he is not a household word.  But if he knocked on even one door, he'd find that out soon enough.


March 1, 2010 - 9:00am