Random thoughts

In no particular order of importance. (That's why they're random.)

Let's start with some phony Republican baloney.

Post-election dismissals. Atty. Gen. J.B. Van Hollen dropped his publicity stunt lawsuits against Kathleen Falk's campaign and the Greater Wisconsin Committee, claiming they defamed him. Once he got the headlines he wanted and the election was over, he dropped them like a couple of hot potatoes. Now we have an AG with a history of filing frivolous lawsuits. Likewise, the new Waukesha County DA has decided that not to prosecute either lawyer Mike Maistelman or members of the State Elections Board for legally communicating with one another about a case involving Mark Green during the fall campaign. The old DA, Paul Bucher, insisted right up until election day there was something wrong, and he got the State Republican Party to file a complaint to keep the story alive. More phony baloney. (Disclosure: I produced the Greater Wisconsin ad about Van Hollen.)

GOP's selective targeting. The state GOP State Sen. Bob Wirch, a Kenosha Dem, for voting to confirm Frank Busalacchi as secretary of transportation. However, nine GOP senators also subsequently voted to confirm Wirch -- Robert Cowles, Alberta Darling, Glenn Grothman, Ted Kanavas, Dan Kapanke, Alan Lasee, Luther Olsen, Carol Roessler, and Dale Schultz. Those releases must still be in the works. Only 6 GOPpers voted no.

Right on Gonzales and Miers. While Dems call for AG Alberto Gonzales's head over the US attorney firings, Wisconsin's two Senators, Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold, can feel proud that they voted against his nomination to begin with. And isn't it interesting that Harriet Miers was the one who to Gonzales suggeting a wholesale firing of all US attorneys? No wonder Bush thought she was Supreme Court material. She'd do whatever he wanted.

And furthermore... Kohl and Feingold are co-sponsors of the Iraq resolution now being debated in the Senate. That's movment in the right direction for Kohl, who's been cautious about doing anything that could be mischaracterized as not supporting the troops. Feingold wants to go farther and cut off funding.

Donovan for Mayor? Is Alderman Bob Donovan running for mayor of Milwaukee, or Wednesday's ploy, which included a call for National Guard troops to keep the peace in Milwaukee, didn't work, and only netted him


March 14, 2007 - 8:38pm