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Evers recall effort fails

Governor Tony Evers
October 26, 2020

Despite claiming last week that the Evers recall campaign had sufficient signatures to force a recall election, this morning organizer Misty Polewczynski announced that the campaign did not have enough signatures to continue. The signatures were due at the Wisconsin Elections Commission office tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 27.

Today's poll -- Have You Voted?

ballot box
October 23, 2020

We'd like to know if you have voted, or are going to vote.

A real Halloween threat

State Senator Jeff Smith
October 19, 2020

Halloween is typically a time we enjoy spooky things. We find ways to get scared, whether it’s a haunted corn maze or horror flick.  This year, however, it seems like we’re living in a scary movie with no clear happy ending in sight. What’s even scarier is we don’t have the leadership to help us through this horrific time.


Trump plans rally in Wisconsin despite White House warning of ‘preventable deaths’

President Trump
October 17, 2020

President Donald Trump plans to hold a rally in Wisconsin Saturday despite his own White House Coronavirus Task Force telling the state this week that residents need to avoid “crowds in public and social gatherings in private” unless they want to cause “preventable deaths.”

Jeff Smith - Who Will Care for You?

Senator Jeff Smith
October 13, 2020

We live our lives with much uncertainty. We can never be sure our plans will work out perfectly, and we may have to adjust due to unforeseen events. It could be weather changes, mechanical problems, an illness or accident that may change our entire life. But, even with uncertainty hanging over us like a cloud, we plan and move ahead.


Fall in Line for Fair Maps Event Sunday - we can fix this

Event Poster
October 9, 2020

Western WI for Nonpartisan Voting Districts (a project of PCGRO) and the League of Women Voters, Greater Chippewa Valley will be holding an event called Fall in Line for Fair Maps this Sunday. The event will be a progressive visit to local businesses to purchase food and talk about fair maps and Gerrymandering.

Court blocks extension of absentee ballot voting

ballot box
October 8, 2020

In the back-and-forth battle over absentee voting in Wisconsin, the 7th District Court of Appeals reversed its former ruling and has now decided that all absentee ballots in Wisconsin must be returned by 8 PM on November 3 to be counted. Last week a three-member panel of the court had decided to leave the extension in place on the absentee ballots, and that they would be counted if they were postmarked by election day and received by Nov. 9.

Live coverage of the vice-presidential debate

WATCH LIVE: The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate | Special Coverage & Analysis | PBS NewsHour

October 7, 2020

This is the live feed from PBS of tonight's vice-presidential debate if you don't have another way to watch it. 

Jeff Smith - Safe and Secure Absentee Voting

State Senator Jeff Smith
October 7, 2020

If you’re like me, you’re probably experiencing whiplash from all the voting changes and the political ads airing on TV, radio and at the mailbox. It’s hard not to visualize yourself at your polling location casting a ballot on Election Day.


Wisconsin Fair Maps Commission Meeting for the 8th CD - 10/1/2020

People's Maps Commission Online Public Hearing | 8th Congressional District

October 1, 2020

This is the live stream of today's Fair Maps Commission meeting, which will include public testimony. The live stream begins at 5:30 PM.