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Jeff Smith - New Session, Same Story

State Senator Jeff Smith
January 12, 2021

Last Monday, on January 4th, the Wisconsin State Legislature began the 2021-22 legislative session. New members were sworn in and all elected officials looked ahead to the new session.


Inauguration Day is an important reminder that the Legislature includes elected representatives from many walks of life. Our job is to listen to professionals and ensure they have what they need to do their jobs the best they can.


Senator Ron Johnson releases speech he intended to give today

January 6, 2021

Senator Johnson has released the speech he intended to give before the Senate was disrupted today. After the takeover he changed his mind and voted against the Nevada elector objection. 

Gov. Evers Releases Statement on Events in Washington D.C.

January 6, 2021
Gov. Tony Evers today released the following statement regarding events in Washington D.C.

“As are so many Wisconsinites and Americans, I am watching these horrifying events unfold in Washington, D.C. in disbelief. The peaceful transfer of power is at the very heart of our government and our country. This is an attack on our democracy. Period.

Live panel on today's events

A Panel Discussion on the attack on Washington

January 6, 2021

WisCommunity will hold a live panel on today's events with several local community leaders. At this time it will be Steve Hanson of WisCommunity, Selika Lawton, Rep. Jodi Emerson, Senator Jeff Smith, and perhaps others. It will also be available on Facebook Live and Youtube. We will go live right after 5 PM.

Live coverage of Joint Session Electoral College vote - protesters attack capitol building

WATCH LIVE: House Republicans challenge Electoral College votes

January 6, 2021

VP Pence has just welcomed the House members back into session.

The Washington Post reports that the unnamed woman who was shot today in the US Capitol has died. The House is returning to the chambers and Washington DC is currently under a curfew. 

President Trump makes an address asking protesters to go home, but repeating false claims that the election was stolen. He has also attacked Vice President Trump on Twitter for not overturning the Electoral College vote . 

Wisconsin Rep. Gallagher joins other Republicans to rebuff challenge to Biden

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI)
January 5, 2021

Rejecting an attempt by some in their own party, Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher and six other Republican House members said Congress has no authority in an election other than to count votes from the states, in a  released Sunday.

Jeff Smith - Foxconn: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

State Senator Jeff Smith
January 4, 2021

Over time, relationships can go sour. When it happens in one’s private life, the breakup can be agonizing; so much of two people’s lives can be intertwined in a short time. When it’s a public or business relationship, the breakup can be painful and even more complicated. Most likely, there are legal contracts or properties linking the two parties.

Take the relationship between Wisconsin and Foxconn, for example.

Jeff Smith - Out of the Long Shadow of 2020

State Senator Jeff Smith
December 28, 2020

During this time of year, we take time to reflect on the previous year and try to focus on the good things that happened. Even in 2020 there must have been some good things, right?


Winter in Wisconsin

State Senator Jeff Smith
December 22, 2020


Winter is a season to celebrate, although some lifelong Wisconsinites may disagree because of the snow and freezing temperatures. The change of season and anticipation of the first snowfall can be joyous. Maybe, after months of green grass and empty treetops, a white blanket of snow brightens our view once again.