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Election Commission Media Calls

November 3, 2020

There were several media calls with the Wisconsin Elections Commission today. In general the voting has been uneventful today. There have been no big protests or serious issues with the voting process. These are the media calls thanks to .

Some election updates

Menomonie Polling Place
November 3, 2020

Elections in Wisconsin are by and large going smoothly. I visited the Leisure Center in Menomonie and the polls in Town of Dunn. Both reported that things have been going well, and that they had a very big rush of voters when they opened, but since early morning the traffic has been typical. Town of Dunn reported that they had 620 early absentee ballots filed, and about 200 people had voted in person as of about 1 PM today.

LION Publishers Live Stream


LION Publishers Election Night Stream

November 3, 2020

WisCommunity will be hosting a live stream of election news from LION Publishers around the country. It will take place at 7 PM Central Time. We're not at all sure who will show up, but it should be interesting. Tune In Here!

Election Commission Expects Smooth Election

ballot box
November 3, 2020

In a conference call this morning the Wisconsin Elections Commission expected a smooth election today. There are enough poll workers in all of the jurisdictions, and there is a pool of emergency workers from the Wisconsin National Guard, local municipalities, and the state if shortages of workers occur.

Votes will be slower to be counted than normal due to the very high number of absentee ballots that have been filed.

Election 2020 has taken over the front page!

ballot box
November 2, 2020

Until some time on Wednesday the front page of WisCommunity will be devoted to the election. There is a live blog, and a list of links to other news sources. You can still access the old front page by going to https://wis.community/newfrontpage or by clicking on the Home link at the top of the site. 

Things Wisconsinites Need to Know about Tuesday's election

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November 2, 2020

According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, these are the things you need to know about the election on Tuesday.

1. The Wisconsin Elections Commission unanimously recommends all voters wear face coverings for voting on Election Day, but they are not required.


Stout Student candidate forum for Assembly District 29 and Senate DIstrict 10

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Students Unite Candidate Forum

October 29, 2020

In what will probably be the last candidate forum before next week's election, UW-Stout students held a candidate forum for the 10th Senate District and 29th Assembly District candidates. Note that the video and audio quality is at times spotty - we live in the world of beer, brats, the Packers, and lousy internet bandwidth.

WisEye Morning Minute - State Party Chairs discuss absentee ballot deadline

WisEye Morning Minute: State Party Chairs Discuss Ruling on Absentee Ballot Deadline

October 28, 2020

The state party chairs Ben Wikler (D) and Andrew Hitt (R) what their opinions are on the Supreme Court ruling that maintained the normal election day deadline for receiving absentee ballots.

Jeff Smith - Search for Truth During an Election

State Senator Jeff Smith
October 27, 2020

As we approach another Election Day, we all feel the heat from both major political parties as they do all they can to get their voters to show up for their candidates. Many voters – if they haven’t already – will stop answering the phone to avoid robocalls. Mailboxes will be filled with full-sized glossy cards and TV ads will play one after another, either celebrating or desecrating a candidate.

With All Eyes on Wisconsin, Partisan Gridlock at State Elections Commission Frustrates Voters and Local Officials

October 26, 2020