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How Dark Money Almost Derailed A Wisconsin Lead-Poisoning Lawsuit

Simmons Check

Editor's note: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reporter Pawan Naidu has also written an explanation of campaign-finance rules in Wisconsin.

Note that this article was originally attributed incorrectly due to some miscommunication. It is re-posted from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Cap Times finds young progressives in Eau Claire - you may recognize them.

I note this morning that Jesse Opoien from the Cap Times has written an article about young progressives in Eau Claire and Oshkosh. You may recognize some of them. It's a nice article and it points out a lot of the initiatives going on in the Chippewa Valley. Take a look. 

One Wisconsin Now Press Conference on Scott Walker Travel Expenses

News Conference: One Wisconsin Now Reveals Results of Gov. Walker Investigation

This morning One Wisconsin Now held a press conference in Madison to discuss the travel expenses to send Scott Walker via private state plane. 

Peering in the Schoolroom Window

Kathleen Vinehout

“Welcome back to school,” the newsletter proclaimed. The Superintendent welcomed all with a cheery letter describing the amazing team at the school.

As students walk toward the school doors, they see from the outside that everything looks great. My local school district is proud of the new asphalt on the parking lot.

11-Year-Old Hacks Democracy - or not

Surprised Child

Hacking the Future

The media (both professional and social) have been full of news for the last week about an 11-year-old hacking election websites at this year's DEF CON conference. They tell a story - but it's incomplete and misleading. Let's explore why.

Voting Guide for the Wisconsin Primary

We are down to the wire. On Tuesday you will all get the opportunity to help to direct the future of the state and the nation. Read that again. People often pass up the opportunity to vote and to be politically engaged. But trust me, this is important. I always vote, and I hope you do too. If you've already voted - thank you.  If you have not, here are some resources you may find useful.

The Fall of Wisconsin by Dan Kaufman

Dan Kaufman

This week I have been having the interesting experience of simultaneously reading two books about the conservative takeover of Wisconsin politics, and the way that Wisconsin became the model for the following ultra-conservative takeover of the country. We have, sadly, become the workshop for the promotion of bad ideas in government.


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