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Jeff Smith - Be the Change We Need

State Sen. Jeff Smith
June 1, 2020

In the months since Wisconsin has been impacted by COVID-19, we’ve all thought about the day that our lives will begin to return to normal. It’s an understandable thought to have. After all, the pandemic has forced us to make changes in nearly every aspect of our lives.


But this calls into question, what does “normal” really mean?


Governor Walz putting Keith Ellison in charge of George Floyd Case

 Keith Ellison

LIVE: Coverage of continuing protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd

May 31, 2020

Governor Walz of Minnesota has just announced that he is putting Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison in charge of the George Floyd case, replacing Hennepin County prosecutor Mike Freeman. Ellison will now lead the criminal prosecution in the case, assisted by Freeman. The governor stated that this change was at least partly due to a request from Floyd's family. This is an evolving story.

Protests in Minneapolis - day 6

LIVE: Coverage of continuing protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd

May 31, 2020

Peaceful protests are building again in Minneapolis - One thing to note is that the Interstates in the Cities are once again closed as of 5 PM. I'm gathering together a couple of live feeds again for all you Chippewa Valleyers who are trying to follow. I am very glad we have been having peaceful protests in the area and let's hope for a more peaceful night in the cities tonight. 

Eau Claire George Floyd Protest

May 31, 2020

Thanks to WQOW for the Facebook Live feed. Several hundred protesters gathered in Eau Claire today to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police. Thus far the protest has been very peaceful. There will also be an online event this afternoon at 3 PM which we will carry here as well as helping with the Zoom live stream.

Mike McCabe - Unscrewing America

Mike McCabe

Mike McCabe - Unscrewing America

May 30, 2020

Mike McCabe discussed his new book Unscrewing America on a Zoom meeting with Community Conversations and WisCommunity. 

Live Coverage from Minneapolis today

LIVE: Day 5 of George Floyd protests in Minneapolis–St Paul

May 30, 2020

According to MnDOT all of the major highways in the Metropolitan Twin Cities area will be closed starting at 7 PM tonight. There will be a strong attempt tonight to take control of the city. The highways will be closed until 6 AM tomorrow. This includes basically all of the major highways within the 494/694 loop. The protests that have been taking place today have been very peaceful after an extremely difficult night in the Cities.

Menomonie George Floyd Protest 5/29/2020

Menomonie  Protest

George Floyd protest in Menomonie, WI

May 30, 2020

A peaceful protest, primarily of Stout Students, took place in downtown Menomonie, on 5/29/2020. We took some photographs of the protest and talked to one of the protesters. There  was also another protest at Interstate 94 where a banner was placed across the highway on the pedestrian bridge.

Minneapolis protests live feed for Friday Night

#LIVE: Minneapolis Responds To Police Murder of George Floyd

May 30, 2020

Protests and fires continue in Minneapolis tonight - video feed from Unicorn Riot and KSTP. The fires and protests have expanded throughout other parts of the city. State police are currently poised to re-take control of the 5th police precinct.

Protesters shutting down I-94 in Milwaukee

May 29, 2020

Facebook Live Video courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Protesters shutdown Interstate 94

Mary Turck - Update in the Middle of it All

Photos from Minneapolis
May 29, 2020

Normally we do not attempt to cover news in the Twin Cities, but this is a story of national importance - I called on my friend Mary Turck to re-publish her story this morning on about the events in Minneapolis last night. I highly recommend her to anyone who cares about immigration issues and social justice.