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10th Senate District Interview with Reuben Herfindahl

Candidate Interview: Reuben Herfindahl (D) Candidate for 10th Senate District

December 15, 2017

Reuben Herfindahl is a Democratic candidate for the 10th Senate District.

Adam Jarchow - Republican Candidate for 10th Senate District

Candidate Interview: Adam Jarchow (R) Candiate for 10th Senate District

December 15, 2017

Continuing the series of interviews with Adam Jarchow.

Wisconsin Eye Interview with Brian Corriea - Libertarian Candidate in the 10th District

Candidate Interviews: Brian Corriea (L) Candidate for 10th Senate District

December 15, 2017

Continuing the Wisconsin Eye interviews with 10th District candidates.

Republican Bill Second-Guesses, Restricts Local Government

December 14, 2017

             Republican Bill Second-Guesses, Restricts Local Governments

Assembly bill would add restrictions to local governments raising money for transportation projects


Evers Campaign Statement on Foxconn Tax

December 13, 2017

“Today it was revealed that Wisconsin electrical customers are being asked to foot the bill for 40 years to build a new $140 million dollar facility to provide electricity for Foxconn.  It wasn't enough for Walker to give Foxconn a $3,000,000,000 sweetheart deal paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers.  Now Foxconn wants Wisconsin ratepayers to cough up another $140 million from their own wallets.  This deal just keeps getting worse and worse.  Scott Walker should be ashamed o

John Calabrese - Democratic Candidate for District 10

Candidate Interviews: John Calabrese (D) Candidate for 10th Senate District

December 10, 2017

Wisconsin Eye has been interviewing candidates for the 10th District State Senate seat that has been opened up because Sheila Harsdorf is leaving for Washington for an administration position in agriculture. , and is on a very short timetable.

Congress must protect the lives of America's Farmers

December 10, 2017

Recent articles in and discuss the high suicide rate among farmers in the US and globally.

Free Tuition for Two-Year and Tech Colleges Means Freedom to Learn

December 4, 2017

“Every Wisconsinite should have access to education or training past high school… To be pursued at whatever point and pace makes sense for individual workers and industries,” wrote researchers at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) eight years ago.

One Wisconsin Now - Ron Johnson bought off by tax break to his company

December 1, 2017