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Wisconsin Recount - the continuing saga

November 28, 2016

This is one of the features we intend to use on Wis.commmunity - it's a Storify story, which is a collected page of web articles and social media. This begins with coverage of the recounts in Wisconsin. Click on the title of this article or the Read More link to see the entire page of information.

The Wisconsin Recount - where we stand

November 28, 2016

Since two recount petitions were filed for a Wisconsin recount of the presidental election, procedures for the recount are now under way. County clerks around the state are currently providing cost estimates for their recount efforts, and must provide both a cost and the method that will be used to recount optical scan ballots by the close of business today. 

President-Elect Trump settles Trump University suit for $25 million

November 18, 2016

In a surprising turn of events, President-Elect Donald Trump settled the civil suit against him for Trump University this afternoon.  A twitter message from the New York State Attorney General stated:


EPA Water Listening Session in Eau Claire

EPA Listening Session Attendees

EPA Listening Session Eau Claire, WI November 15, 2016

November 17, 2016

On Tuesday Nov. 15 approximately 300 people attended the EPA listening session at Chippewa Valley Technical College. The session was set up for the Administrator of US EPA’s Region V, Robert Kaplan to listen to citizens testifying about water quality in the state and to help determine if the EPA should take over the oversight of Wisconsin's compliance to the Clean Water Act.


November 14, 2016

For Immediate Release November 14, 2016

Discriminatory Voting Laws, Voter Intimidation Appear To Have Taken A Toll

NEW YORK —  Seven leading civil rights organizations today issued the following statement in response to the 2016 Presidential and Congressional election:

Students UNITE! from UW Stout and community send supplies to Standing Rock

Water is Life
November 11, 2016

On Thursday, Nov. 11 members of the Menomonie community joined with Students UNITE! from UW-Stout to send money, food, firewood, and supplies to those protecting the water at Standing Rock. The event was a huge success, meeting the fundraising goals and sending the surplus to the Standing Rock Defense Fund. The event took place at the Acoustic Cafe in downtown Menomonie. Kids and adults made signs to send along to Standing Rock, and a truck full of firewood and supplies is making it's way there right now. 

This is another great example of groups in Menomonie making a difference and creating better community - thanks to everyone who participated, and particularly to Casey Green for heading up the event at The Acoustic.

Kathleen Vinehout - Mr. Humphries - Long on Blame, Short on Facts

November 3, 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 3, 2016     Mr. Humphries - Long on Blame, Short on Facts   Recent voucher-convert John Humphries has been busy spending his days writing pieces for Right Wisconsin, retweeting voucher leaders, and creating conspiracy theories that school report cards are rigged.  

Voter ID isn't the issue

October 28, 2016

Once again this election season we're hearing about the need for voter ID - fixing a problem that doesn't really exist, while completely ignoring all of the ways our elections can really be compromised on a large scale. Certainly voter suppression is one of these, and is a real issue, but we're also continuing to ignore the technological weaknesses of our voting infrastructure.

Sabotage by Health Care Industry & Conservative Politicians True Cause of Rising Health Premiums

October 11, 2016


John Doe II investigation is officially dead

October 3, 2016

This morning the US Supreme Court denied the appeal brought by three coundy attorneys to continue what has come to be known as John Doe II. This was the last hope of continuing the investigation. Scott Walker's office has so far had no comment on the ruling.