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Progressive Talk Radio returns to Wisconsin

Progressive Talk Radio returned to Wisconsin yesterday.

Mike Crute, one of the hosts of Devil's Advocates, recently purchased 1510 AM in the Milwaukee area, changing the format from Spanish-Language Sports to all-talk progressive radio. The station has limited coverage in the state (mostly the Milwaukee area) but is available via live stream everywhere.

Sen. Vinehout - Who Has Been Watching Spending at DOT?

Kathleen Vinehout


Senator Kathleen Vinehout

“Let me see how much you spent,” my mother said when I returned from the store. As the oldest of five children, I was often sent to the store to buy groceries. When I returned home, my mother checked the grocery bag, the receipt and counted the change.

The Story of Trump Resistance in Wisconsin

Story is found below the fold - click on the title of this article or Read More below.

The AltGov Twitter List

I've made an attempt at pulling together all of the Alt and Rogue Federal Government Twitter feeds in one place - Please follow along here, or subscribe at the link at the bottom of the widget. Let me know who I missed.

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National Park Service alternative account

Little bits of rebellion break out in unlikely places. Since the National Park Services staff have been stopped from making any social media posts on official accounts, some of the NPS staff have taken it upon themselves to start an unofficla Twitter account in which they can talk about forbidden subjects like Climate Change. Go Follow Them!  The link is below.

Jim Swanson speaks in Menomonie about public lands

Jim Swanson

Jim Swanson Speaks about Public Lands - Part 1

Text Courtesy of Lorene VedderJim Swanson, local environmentalist, presented “An American Heritage: Public Lands in the U.S.” at the Menomonie Public Library on January 21.  He started out with contrasting the land ownership of the First Nation People, the American Indians, and the European Immigrants.  Indian families and clans owned lands and these lands were passed down from mother to daughter.  Animals were believed to have a right to the land.  There w

Audits Raise Cautions about Pension Fund Management

Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“GOOD NEWS” read the text with a short article about how our pension funds grew 8.5%. My friend forwarded the article with a cryptic note, “apparently the lies keep working.”

Alternatives to the Inauguration

I know a lot of you are looking for something else to do today to avoid watching the coronation of our new president. 

a.  The Esquire Channel, if you happen to be able to get it, is showing a marathon of Parks and Recreation.



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