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Jeff Smith - What the budget says about us

State Senator Jeff Smith
February 17, 2021

Budgets are necessary to keep us on track, lay out our priorities and work toward what we want to accomplish. Every two years, the Governor introduces a budget that reflects the values of our state. The state budget is a moral document just as much as it’s a financial map for the years ahead. When state leaders approve the budget, we’re showing the world who we are and what we stand for.


Evers presents 2021-2023 budget

Governor Tony Evers

Governor Evers to Deliver his 2021-23 Budget Address

February 16, 2021

Governor Tony Evers will present his budget for 2021-2023 in an address this evening at 7 PM. The address will be carried on this page, the Governor's Facebook page, and on Wisconsin Public Television. 

Below are Gov. Evers’ remarks as prepared for delivery:

Good evening, Wisconsinites. Thanks for tuning in.

I’m Tony Evers, and I’m proud to be the 46th governor of our great state and to introduce my 2021-23 biennial budget to you this evening.

Live Stream of the second Trump impeachment trial

WATCH LIVE: Trump’s second impeachment trial begins in Senate | Day 1

February 9, 2021

For those of you who are following the impeachment trial carefully, this is the live stream of the first day of the Senate impeachment trial, thanks to the PBS NewsHour.

Gov Evers proposes legalizing marijuana

February 7, 2021

Governor Tony Evers is proposing legalizing marijuana in the state and taking some of the tax proceeds to pay for equity initiatives and rural schools. In this budget proposal the governor expects revenues of $165 million per year to the state starting in fiscal year 2023.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Meeting for 2/3/2021

February 3, 2021

This is the live stream provided by Wisconsin Eye of today's Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting. The meeting is a look back at the November 2020 election and the agenda and other information are on the Elections Commission website at https://elections.wi.gov/node/7305 .

Correct a Cheating System with Fair Maps

State Senator Jeff Smith
February 2, 2021

I can always appreciate a good game of cribbage; sure, there’s some friendly competition, but more importantly, it’s a chance to catch up with someone and make some memories. But, imagine someone beat you to the end of the board just to find out they cheated the whole game, maybe by moving their pegs a couple extra spots each round or slyly taking a look at your cards. You’d probably be frustrated and distrusting if you play them again, right?


Jeff Smith - Saving our Democracy

State Senator  Jeff Smith
January 20, 2021

Now is the time when our government should be focusing on our COVID-19 recovery. Wisconsin leaders should be fixing the unemployment insurance crisis, working on the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out and expanding broadband access for every rural household. This is what I’d rather spend my time on. Sadly, other issues have overshadowed the essential work that should be happening because our nation is as divided as it’s ever been.


Presidential Inauguration

Joe Biden 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

January 20, 2021

Please join us in welcoming in a new administration - Thank you to C-Span for the live stream of the inauguration.

Andrea Palm leaving Wisconsin DHS for Biden administration

Karen Timberlake
January 18, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden is continuing to fill out his cabinet appointees, and that he is appointing Wisconsin DHS Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm as Deputy-Secretary of the federal Department of Health Services. Palm will leave the state DHS on Jan. 20.

Live stream of impeachment hearing

U.S. House: Debate on Impeachment Resolution Against President Trump

January 13, 2021

This is a live stream of the impeachment debate and vote that is taking place in the US House today. The House is debating the second impeachment for President Donald Trump.