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Rep. Dana Wachs and Sen. Kathleen Vinehout town hall on state budget

For Immediate Release

May 9, 2017

Citizens Invited to State Budget Town Hall Meeting

Senator Kathleen Vinehout and Representative Dana Wachs will host a Town Hall Meeting regarding the proposed 2017-19 State Budget in Eau Claire on May 20, 2017.

"REINS Act" - New Power for Leaders to Stop Public Protections

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout “This is the broadest, most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of.” I told my colleagues during a recent Senate debate. “It’s an obscure way to shut down government from doing something that the Legislature intended to do.” Senate Bill 15, known by the initials REINS, would allow leaders of the Legislature to shut down the implementation of new laws if the leader found the new law too costly to implement.

We talk with Mike McCabe about running for governor

Mike McCabe

A letter of support has been circulating for Mike McCabe of Blue Jean Nation to run for the governorship in 2018.  I spoke today to Mike on the phone about this letter.


Sen. Kathleen Vinehout - High Capacity Well Proposal Makes Water Problems Worse

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout What if you woke up one morning turned on the faucet to wash your face and saw brown water coming out of your tap? Stacy Sylla of rural Lincoln Township in Trempealeau County texted me just such a photo of water the color of sludge. She has gone through three washing machines, dug fistfuls of sand out of the tank of her toilet, and bought an expensive water-filtering device.

Cranberry Creek Farm CAFO Hearing 3/28/2017

Cranberry Creek CAFO Hearing 3/28/2017 Full Testimony

A hearing was held today about the re-issuance of the WPDES permit for Cranberry Creek Farm. Cranberry Creek is asking to expand from approximately 2000 cows to over 7000. Many testified at the hearing today, raising various issues with the state of the permit application, while also questioning the wisdom of a farm fo that scale in an area that is already suffering from groundwater degradation.

Healthcare: What’s Next? - Senator Kathleen Vinehout

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout “Obamacare is the law of the land,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told the nation. “We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” The much-maligned Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010 will stay in place. Self-employed older Americans and state budget directors breathed a sigh of relief.

Western Wisconsin Schools Grapple With Falling Status Of Teachers


School districts in western Wisconsin, along with their counterparts across the state, are increasingly finding it hard to recruit and retain teachers.

We Fact-Checked Lawmakers' Letters to Constituents on Health Care

by Charles Ornstein ProPublica, March 22, 2017, 5 a.m.

When Louisiana resident Andrea Mongler wrote to her senator, Bill Cassidy, in support of the Affordable Care Act, she wasn't surprised to get an email back detailing the law's faults. Cassidy, a Republican who is also a physician, has been a vocal critic.

Are Waters in Wisconsin Meeting Water Quality Standards?

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout “The bottom line is: Are waters meeting water quality standards?” George Meyer told the Audit Committee at a recent hearing. “[Wisconsin is] adding hundreds of impaired waters every year,” Mr. Meyer added. “It’s because of discharged nitrates and phosphorus.” “Regulations and laws are only as good as enforcement.” Mr. Meyer said.


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