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Jeff Smith - America is Best When Labor is Strong

Senator Jeff Smith
September 3, 2019

Another Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is beginning to wind down and we’re taking our last chance to fish or camp for the season. Children are reflecting on their summer and eagerly anticipating the new school year.

Kiddos and Mental Health

Senator Jeff Smith
August 26, 2019

Politics Behind Gun Violence Inaction

Senator Jeff Smith
August 23, 2019

I can’t imagine the horror victims go through when face to face with an active shooter while in a place of worship, school, shopping center or night club. How do families cope with the news of a loved one being murdered by a domestic terrorist, coworker or significant other? Or the news of a loved one who took their own life?

Senator Jeff Smith - Legislators Gather for Nonpartisan Conference

Senator Jeff Smith
August 12, 2019

Last week I joined over 7,000 legislators and staff from other states and around the world in Nashville at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) annual Legislative Summit. NCSL is a bipartisan organization that has been around 45 years with a mission to advise, train and advocate for state government, regardless of party affiliation.


August 7, 2019

Questioning Our Economy

State Senator Jeff Smith
August 6, 2019

Do you ever wonder how our economy stopped working for all of us? How have we arrived at stagnant wages, mega-rich corporations buying elections and people lacking essential access to healthcare?

Jeff Smith - Transit for Our Future

Senator Jeff Smith
August 1, 2019

Enough of Divide and Conquer Politics

Senator Jeff Smith Headshot
July 22, 2019

How polarized are Wisconsin lawmakers?

wisconsin capitol
July 21, 2019

Talk of political polarization — epitomized by the growing divide between Republicans and Democrats — is ubiquitous these days. Watch the nightly news, read a newspaper article about a political issue or talk to someone about politics, and the topic of polarization will likely come up.

This is No Time for Legislators to Rest

Senator Jeff Smith
July 18, 2019