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Pinnacle Dairy Problem

Why you should be concerned about the Pinnacle Dairy Proposal near Brodhead, WI

The proposed Pinnacle Dairy Farm poses many threats to our area;

      - Declining Tax and Property Values
      - Struggling Schools and Downtown Areas
      - Serious Water Contamination Risks
      - Loss of Family Farms
      - Unpleasant Odors

The Pinnacle Dairy Farm is classified as a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). These farms are bad for the environment and bad for local economies. By design, these farms employ as few people as possible and pay their workers very little. The sites themselves are overcrouded with animals, which can leads to massive amounts of smelly animal waste that will linger around our area. The waste from this CAFO will be stored in giant manure lagoons until it can be spread around our area in the fall. The amounts of waste that need to be spread are concerning because local wells and waterways can be contaminated by the runoff. Our county is particularly susceptible to water contamination, as concluded by the DNR and USGS and their mapping, showing shallow depth to bedrock and groundwater and fractured karst geology.


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Heard they have a contaminated well already

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