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Wisconsin Supreme Court Refuses to Expedite Voter Purge Case

January 13, 2020 - 10:47pm

In a somewhat surprising move, the state Supreme Court today decided 3-3 not to hear the pending litigation on the purging of possibly-moved voters in an expedited manner. Newly-elected conservative justice Brian Hagedorn joined the two more liberal judges Ann Walsh Bradley and Rebecca Dallet in voting to not hear the case. Justice Daniel Kelly had declined to hear the case, leaving only the other three conservatives, Patience Roggensack, Annette Ziegler, and Rebecca Bradley to vote to hear it. 

Justice Bradley wrote the conservative opinion, writing "The court's decision to take a pass on this case irreparably denies the citizens of Wisconsin a timely resolution of issues that impact voter rights and the integrity of our elections, The court disregards its duty to decide significant issues of statewide importance."

Live video below of Elections Commission Meeting today.

The case will now be left in the hands of the lower appeals court. 

This comes on the same day that the Elections Commission was found in contempt for not removing the voters from the rolls promptly. The Elections Commission meets via teleconference at 10 AM tomorrow for their normal monthly meeting. All of this litigation will be part of the agenda. The video of the meeting will be streamed by Wisconsin Eye. We will provide a means of watching the meeting in the morning.

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