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Wisconsin Elections Commission rejects challenge to Tim Michels ballot access, Millis elected chair of commission

June 10, 2022 - 3:38pm
Tim Michels
Tim Michels - By Wikimichels - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20123964

The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted 6-0 to find 3861 signatures valid on the papers submitted to the commission. The challenge from Jane Bernstein and law firm Stafford Rosenbaum LLC was largely rejected, particularly the argument that most of the signature forms should be rejected because they did not list a valid mailing address for candidate Michels. This is a striking ruling in favor of Michels, who has recommended disbanding the Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

The commission will vote later on which candidates will be allowed ballot access, but the commission has decided to accept the recommendation of the staff to accept Michels as a candidate so it is likely that he will be accepted on the final vote.  Most of the challenged candidates have been accepted in the proceedings today with the exceptions of Rustin Provance, Libertarian candidate for District 3 Representative, and Amber Provance, Republican candidate for State Senator District 31. 

The ballot status of all of the candidates as of this morning before the meeting is attached below. 

The commission also voted 6-0 to reject the challenge to Patty Schachtner's signatures on an additional argument that the mailing address on the signature papers was insufficient. 

The commission voted 6-0 to approve 325 ballot candidates and 9 independent candidates. 9 additional candidates were approved on the basis of today's meeting, and two candidates were denied ballot access. 

Commissioners Robert Spindell and Don Millis each nominated themselves as chair. They are legally the only two candidates who could be elected. Each of them spoke as to why they believe they would best be elected as chair. Millis was appointed to the board earlier in the week by Robin Vos after the surprising resignation of Dean Knudson from the commission at their last meeting.

The motion to approve Spindell as chair failed as there was no second to the motion. The motion to elect Millis was seconded and passed 5-1 with commissioner Spindell being the only dissenting vote. 

Commissioner Spindell then became vice-chair by a vote of 5-1 and Democrat Julie Glancy was elected as secretary. By state law Spindell and Glancy were the only possible people who could be elected.

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