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Wisconsin Election Commission says all the vote in Wisconsin is in - this was not quite true yet

November 4, 2020 - 11:21am
Meagan Wolfe
Wisconsin Elections Commission Director Meagan Wolfe

But close enough.

, she believes all of the unofficial vote in Wisconsin is in. Some news organizations have called the winner of the state as Joe Biden. There will be more information after the 11:30 media call with the commission, which will be embedded here when it starts. In the press conference Wolfe said she may have misspoken and that there is still one municipality not reporting.

In the press conference Director Wolfe stated that the canvassing process will start today, including auditing the voting equipment at random, She stated that the counting went well, despite the large number of absentee ballots. Wolfe stated "the law says that on election night that every municipality submits their unofficial results to the county website. There is no official aggregate of votes by Wisconsin law. ... I feel 100% confident in the way the election was conducted."

The vote in Wisconsin will be certified in Wisconsin on Dec. 1. All results until then are unofficial results reported by the media. 

She stated that she may have misspoken this morning about every municipality having reported. There is one small municipality of under 300 voters that has not yet reported their vote (Town of Willow in Richland County). Provisional ballots also have not been counted and cannot be until Friday, which is the cutoff time to fix the provisional ballots.

The 4 PM deadline today requires all municipalities to report their results to the county to be posted on their website. Canvassing will occur in different municipalities on their own timetable, but they will all be noticed and publicly observable. 

Wolfe was asked about the number of provisional ballots that are outstanding, which may be cast by Friday at 4 PM if the voter comes in with valid voter ID. The number is not yet available, but will be shortly. There is no indication that there will be more than usual, which is generally under 1000 ballots. 

She was also asked about whether anyone had requested a recount, particularly in the case of the Kind-Van Orden race. The filing deadline for recounts is is 3 days after the last returns come in. In recent news, President Trump announced that he in at least some jurisdictions in Wisconsin.

Wolfe was asked about voter turnout and how that affected the counting process. There is no official number for voter turnout or voter registrations and will not be for 30 days. Looking at the unofficial results it looks like there was a much higher turnout than in the 2016 presidential election. Unofficially it appears that about 3.2 million voted in this election, as opposed to the 2.3 million in the 2016 presidential election. About 71% of election-age citizens cast a ballot in this election.

This is the fourth of the past six elections in which the presidential winner in Wisconsin was decided by less than 1% of the vote, ensuring Wisconsin's reputation as a swing state.

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