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Voting Absentee? Send that ballot in now!

March 31, 2020 - 1:33pm
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If you have obtained an absentee ballot, you should be aware that the ballots must be received at your polling place by 8 PM on election day. It is not sufficient to have your ballot postmarked by the election. Although there is litigation and some political wrangling underway to loosen that restriction, the law still requires that your ballot arrive by election day. If you do not yet have an absentee ballot you have through April 2 to request one at , but requesting this late may make it difficult for you to get the ballot filled out, signed, witnessed, and returned to your polling place by the election. Many polling places will have special hours or a drop box to return your ballot without having to mail it but you must find out from your local clerk what the exact situation is.

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Steve Hanson
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